Wild Kopi Luwak

We are JPW Coffee, a company that specializes in Luwak Coffee business. One of our most popular products is Wild Kopi Luwak. We provide finest and premium quality Luwak Coffee.


Wild Kopi Luwak Processing

Luwak is a name of an animal that produced the coffee. Luwak eating coffee cherry as their favorite fruit. They are very specifics in choosing which coffee cherry to be eaten. Luwak only eat perfectly riped coffee cherry. The long process of them eating the coffee cherry and with their soft digestion system, coffee beans that they ate would be fermented and would come out with their feces. Coffee beans that are in Luwak’s feces are the beans that will be gathered by the farmers, cleaned, separated and processed to be Luwak’s coffee beans.


Luwak coffee is originally produced in Indonesia. Our Kopi Luwak has packaged using Alumunium Foil Stand up pouch with one way valve. Our Kopi Luwak product is from Aceh Gayo, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Our plantation has altitude 1300m above sea level. You can see our complete detail of our product in this website.

We sell two different products of Wild Kopi Luwak. They are Kopi Luwak Premium Grade and Kopi Luwak Peaberry Gold Grade. Both of these products use the same Arabica Coffee beans as their variances. The Kopi Luwak Premium grade is usually stocked from 150kg to 250kg on monthly basis, while Kopi Luwak Peaberry gold is stocked up from 5kg to 10kg. Our Kopi Luwak Peaberry Gold is manually sorted by hand from the Kopi Luwak Premium Grade, we only choose peaberry type of bean. All of our products have Kopi Luwak Certification ready from Indonesian Government to keep its originality and to ensure that our products are the best with high quality Luwak coffee beans there is around.


Even though with the high prices of Luwak Coffee, people are always in the look to buy them because of their very distinct aroma. For best prices available for our Wild Kopi Luwak products, you can contact our customer service directly by phone or even use an email for your inquiries. Our online stores accept all kinds of payments such as bank transfers, Western Union and PayPal payment methods. We also accept orders for retail and personal use, hotels, restaurants and even for wholesale stores. If you are interested in buying our products, you can also call us directly by phone on the phone number stated on our website.

If you have another question about our products, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you. We will reply all messages within 1×24 hours.

For any inquiries and questions, you can email us: info@wildkopiluwak.org