An Introduction of the Wild Kopi Luwak

If you are a coffee-addicted, then those many kinds of coffee should have been tried in your lifetime. No matter how many kinds of coffee, you are willing to look for it and take a sip. You will never stand a day without having a cup of coffee. Some people say that you are addicted to coffee but you do not think the same way. You just love the coffee, you want to drink it, you make it happened, and finally you can enjoy it. It is a good logic, is not it? Here, there is a new coffee which is called the Wild kopi luwak.

Kopi Luwak Premium Grade - Special Gift Box
Kopi Luwak Premium Grade – Special Gift Box

A Brief Explanation about Wild Kopi Luwak 

Wild kopi luwak actually comes from Sumatra especially in the wild terrain of some area in Sumatra. It has been existed since the Dutch colonization in Indonesia up to now. They built some coffee plantations and Indonesian people were prohibited to pick them up. As the time passed, Asian try to eat the ripe coffee from the tree and the waste contains the bean that they ate before. Luwak, often called as the Civet coffee, is well known for the unique aroma, the smoothness, and the low level of the acidity it has. It is marked as a different type of coffee because most of the coffee offers sweet but this coffee does not.

In order to produce this special coffee from the civets’ wastes, there are two methods that people can use. The first one includes the human processes and the other includes the animal processes. First of all, the coffee cherries will be planted in the habitat of civet. Then Luwak will eat the pulps of the coffee cherries and pass it through the digestive tract they have. It passes the normal digestive process includes both fermentation and also chemical action and pop out through the feces. It is called the animal process.

Meanwhile, the human process begins when the feces’ wastes are collected from the luwak by the farmers. Later, they will be cleaned by washing and cleansing and getting enough sun-dry for the cherries. After that the wastes should be roasting to gain the strong and rich flavor of chocolate or also caramel. People can find these kinds of coffee that is usually less bitter and also smooth to their tongue. It was how the wild kopi luwak produced.

Some researchers and also experts have studied and further analyzed that the Kopi Luwak is actually harmless related to the health for human because the making process is very clinical and it is guaranteed. When you are very curious about the cleanliness that probably the coffee makers skip some steps on the making processes, both brewing and also roasting can solve your worry.  The unique way of the making process of the kopi luwak and its special taste and aroma cannot be found elsewhere. That is why the wild kopi luwak becomes the most expensive coffee over the world. Are you curious enough? Take a sip of this coffee will make your day brighter.