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Things You Must Know about Coffee for Your Health

It doesn’t really matter whether you are a coffee addicted or not, there are some surprising health facts about coffee you should know. In fact, not so many people really understand that coffee offers so many health benefits, not only it helps them to stay awake in the middle of night but also serves some additional benefits. For example, drinking coffee is linked to a decreased rate of fertility and skin cancer. Many also believe that coffee reduces depression. Is that all? No, there are still other benefits you can get thus keep reading the rest of this article.


Coffee to Promote a Healthy Weight 

Have you ever wondered that drinking coffee can also help people to promote a healthy weight? Yes, this is very surprising that drinking coffee actually helps people who want to lose weight and increase their progress. You may never know that drinking a cappuccino after taking a meal can be a very good habit, many have been considered this one as a relaxing  habit. Based on some studies, drinking a cappuccino after a meal promotes your body to slowly process all the meal that you have eaten thus it helps us to promote a healthy weight.

Coffee to Boost Fertility

For men, coffee has been proved to boost fertility. Research has shown that drinking coffee may also give a positive effect on sperm motility. The best thing is that there is no significance difference whether you often drink coffee or not, it only a matters of whether you are a coffee drinker or not.

Coffee to Reduce the Risk of Getting Skin Cancer

Defending your skin against skin cancer can be done by applying SPF on your skin seems to be the most effective solution but you can also use coffee to reduce the risk of getting skin cancer. Studies have found that those who drink coffee are known to have less risk of getting skin cancer compared to those who are non coffee drinkers. So if you care with your skin, drinking coffee may provide a nice solution when it comes to dealing with skin cancer.

The Bottom Line

With some benefits mentioned above, it is not really surprising that more and more people are likely to become more interested with coffee. Coffee is not only delicious but also has been proved to provide a number of health benefits. Some people may report that drinking coffee may cause stomach discomfort, well, this is something that may happen to some people and if you have experienced this issue, it would be better to visit the doctor and find the root problem. Overall, if you want to try a cup of coffee, there are some choices to consider such as Luwak Coffee which is known as the most delicious coffee in the world or you can also try other coffee. Pick ones that suit with your taste and share your experience when drinking coffee with your friend. These are some health benefits you can get from coffee. Pick ones that suit with your taste and share your experience when drinking coffee with your friend. These are some health benefits you can get from coffee. 

The Unique Taste of the Arabica Coffee

Apart from those names of the coffee, there are some other names of the coffee that is forgotten by the people, especially the coffee addicts. The familiar names must be the cappuccino, mochaccino, frapuccino, and other names ending with ‘cino’. In fact, you should not miss this Arabica coffee. The name of this coffee is not very strange because most of the cafes or coffee shops provide this coffee for the customers. The different thing about this Arabica coffee relies on its uniqueness that underlines this coffee from the other ones.

arabica coffee

Brief Introduction of the Unique Arabica Coffee

When you are not sure that the cup of coffee that you sip from your table is not the Arabica coffee, here are some different taste of the Arabica coffee that is far from those ‘cino’ coffees and their companion. Why does this Arabica coffee feel so different? Arabica coffee has the sour taste in its unique way. A cup of Arabica coffee with the others might not have the same level of the sourness. This sourness level could be different one another. The aroma of this coffee is in its own way. The taste is a little bitter in 50% less of the caffeine level compared to Robusta coffee.

People usually like to have their Arabica coffee sweeter by adding some cream or milk while some other will prefer to drink it normally without adding any of the milk and cream. Arabica coffee has a lot of varieties that are spread all over the world. In Indonesia there are three names of the Arabica coffee. They are the Arabica Jawa, Sulawesi Toraja Kalosi, Sumatra Lintong, and Sumatra Mandheling. Arabica Jawa is very popular not only in its origin but also worldwide. The name of Java further becomes the identity of coffee. Even the logo in your computer named “Java” is inspired to be created to identify the coffee with ‘java’.

Mandheling is named based on an ethnic in North Sumatra named Batak Mandailing in Indonesia, while the Lintong coffee is named based on a Lintong place in North Sumatra too. Not only in Indonesia but also elsewhere in the world, the greatest coffee can be produced just to satisfy all of the people’s tongue. In Ethiopia, there are two famous coffee namely Ethiopian Harrar from Harrar and also Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from a small city in Oromia Ethiopia.

Thus, there are some other popular names of the coffee and its trademarks. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaika is famous for its expensive cost. The Kenyan is well known for its low acid and its taste. Mocha used to be sold in Mocha in Yemen. It is served with a little bit coffee. Santos from Brazil produces the coffee in low acid. Another country is Mexico that produces the hard coffee bean that becomes famous all over the world. Tanzania Peaberry is the last examples that will be mentioned here. The name of Peaberry means that there will be only a coffee bean in each fruit.

Six Important Factors to Obtain Better Quality of Coffee

What will you imagine when you hear someone says about coffee? Do you have the same imagination as I have? Perhaps most of you will imagine a cup of hot coffee served to you. Then you will want to have at least a sip of it. Indeed, people have their own way to adore the truly taste of the coffee. The same thing is that all of them addicted to the same thing named coffee. As people know that coffee has been the certain thing that becomes the favorite of all people around the world. Most of them are unable to be separated to drink a cup of coffee. Sometimes they add more and more glasses to satisfy their desire consuming it.


Some Consideration to Have Better Coffee

If you are a person who likely as the type of person mentioned above, then you might consider these six essence factors for obtaining better quality of the coffee. The first and the most important part is the quality of the coffee bean. A good coffee will absolutely rely on the quality of the coffee bean that used for serving the coffee. The quality of the coffee bean is done by some other factors. They are the time interval from the grinding process and the roasting process. The faster the grinding process after roasting, the better the result will be.

The second factor is about the water quality. Approximately 98% that distributes the making process of coffee is water. Great water should be away from those contaminators, high level of the mineral, odor, and so on. Another factor is about the proportion.  The proportion of both coffee bean and the water will determine the density and the thickness level of the coffee. For about 10 gram of coffee is combined with 180 ml water is great combination. When you think that it is too thick, you can use the reduction ratio of the scale.

Then, grinding becomes one of the factors too. The grinding process should be optimal because the hot water will extract all of the coffee elements ideally and produce the excellent taste. Do not grind the coffee into the bigger shape or even the smaller shape of the optimal level because they will reduce the taste of the coffee. The fifth factor goes to the weather. Whenever you want to want to make the coffee, you need to choose the same time with the same interval. It means that the process of making coffee starts from the 92 to 96 degree Celcius. For some certain coffee, the stability of the making coffee should be stabile to get the perfect level of coffee.

The other factor is about the coffee machine and also the cup. The coffee machine holds an important part in making the coffee so that you have to check the machine up and make sure that yours is still in the good condition. It should be cleaned regularly by some recommended cleansing product so that you cannot just freely use everything that costs cheap. Finally, choose a cup that has an ideal diameter to keep the coffee hot for longer time.