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Several Suggestions in Drinking Luwak Coffee

Luwak coffee has been labeled as the best coffee around the world because of its taste and aroma. Therefore, luwak coffee has expensive price in many markets. Only certain people can drink this coffee such as manager, boss, business owner, and people who has a lot of money. It seems like drinking luwak coffee is like a gift from God. Consequently, people start make argument about the best way to drink luwak coffee as well as the time to drink it and rule to drink luwak coffee in one day.

luwak coffee

There are so many arguments about the best way to drink luwak coffee. But then, there are some similar points. First, we will get the best taste of luwak coffee when we drink it on warm not on hot condition because our tongue cannot feel anything when we drink on hot condition. Then, we need to hold the coffee in our mouth after we drink it. This step is important in drinking luwak coffee because the taste of luwak will hold out for a long time. This is the most popular way to drink luwak coffee among coffee lovers.

What if you guys make coffee yourself? Here, some advices to serve luwak coffee well in luxurious standard. Well, for the first step you need to do is prepare your coffee, then put luwak coffee two of teaspoon into your cup. The next step you need to do is pouring the hot water which has temperature at least 950 Celsius and put the sugar into your cup, arranges it with your own flavor. After folding in evenly, cover your luwak coffee tightly around three until five minutes. Then, try to breathe the aroma of your own coffee. It`s really awesome and increase your desire in drinking luwak coffee.

Well, there is still a rule in drinking luwak coffee. Many experts say that coffee will give us the advantages when we drink it in excessively. Based on experts suggestion, people need drink coffee no more than three cups in a day. If you drink luwak coffee more than three cups in a day, absolutely you are in danger situation. Many facts show that over drink the luwak coffee affected your health. Your heartbeat will get faster. It leads you into the worst worried situation. Moreover, headache, hallucination and insomnia are the effects of drinking it too much. Indeed, in this case, you still need to notice the experts suggestion.

To conclude this article, there are three suggestions in drinking luwak coffee. The first suggestion is about the way to drink luwak coffee like drink it when it on warm condition, hold the coffee in your mouth after you drinking it and so on. The next suggestion is about how to make luwak coffee as best as luxurious standard. Then, after you know about the procedure in drinking and making coffee, now try to take a look on suggestion that explain from the experts. It is related to maximum number of cup of coffee that you can drink for one day.

A Cup of Luwak Coffee as Your Best Partner

Well, Indonesia for a long time has been known as the one of the biggest countries over the world which has many natural resources, let`s say tea, oil, spices, coffee, and so on. This is the biggest factor that makes colonizers come to Indonesia such as England, Portuguese, Netherland, and Japan. On the other hands, Indonesia still has one phenomenon coffee called as luwak coffee. This coffee has been made by using animal that is called as luwak. Actually, there are many joys in a cup of luwak coffee while you drinking it.


The first joys that you can get are taste of spirit. Do you believe that in a cup of luwak coffee there is spirit? In this case, you should try a cup of luwak coffee first, and then for sure you have your own perspective about this coffee. Basically, caffeine in coffee contains of many benefits, one of them is to make you more enthusiast and to give you more energy during the day. It is well matched for people who have a lot of activities during the day. In the morning before going to work or school, you need to make a cup of luwak coffee to maximize your day.

Moreover, when you are going home after passing the most tired day in your life, you need to try drinking a cup of luwak coffee. Many doctors say that caffeine essence could make adenosine work slowly. It means that people who drink luwak coffee are difficult to get tired and fall a sleep because of adenosine which makes people feel tired and fall a sleep is totally stopped by caffeine. That is why luwak coffee is the best choice for your night shift because surely you need a fresh condition to do your office work.

Furthermore, a cup of luwak coffee can give you many advantages especially in health aspects. When you get headache, then you should try to drink luwak coffee it will help you to reduce your pain. Give Luwak coffee to those asthmatics and they will feel more free to breath. Luwak coffee also protects people from cancer, heart disease, and stroke. But you need to remember something that drinking coffee excessively brings the negative effect over your health. You just need drink luwak coffee at least once in a day, it is not very recommended if you drink luwak coffee more than twice in a day.

To say the least, you can choose luwak coffee as your best partner based on its function. When you want to be eager people during the day, you have to drink a cup of luwak coffee before going to work or school. Then, when you feel tired, do not have any idea and need more energy to do your office work, you just need to drink luwak coffee to solve your problem. Then, the last one is luwak coffee is able to cure your illness such as headache and asthma. It also prevents you from cancer, heart disease, and stroke. How incredible it is!

Elegance in Flavor of Luwak Coffee

A cup of coffee in the morning is always welcomed by the people who claim themselves as coffee lovers. Are you one of those people? It is always a pleasure to have the freshly brewed coffee every morning right? It will be even more special if the coffee served from the world’s most expensive coffee, luwak coffee. We believe that you have heard about this coffee before. Yes, it is a very expensive coffee sold under various brands including Wild Kopi Luwak and it has the very unique flavor that is not just strong but also very rich. This one expensive coffee has reasons to become expensive.

Kopi Luwak Premium Grade - Special Gift Box
Kopi Luwak Premium Grade – Special Gift Box

Wild Kopi Luwak is a good example of the good coffee. But without the history behind the discovery of luwak coffee, there will be no one will have this elegant and unique taste of coffee. According to the history, in the early 18th century, Dutch established the coffee plantations in their colony in Indonesia. The islands chosen were Java and Sumatra and the coffee planted included Yemen Arabica coffee. Native farmers and plantation workers were not allowed to take the coffee fruits for their own usage.

The fame of coffee as beverage made many native workers curious and then one day, they learned about luwak or musang (Asian Palm civet). The civets ate coffee fruits and they left the coffee beans without the beans digested when they dropped them. The natives collected those beans and created their own coffee. The fame of the coffee was spread quickly and soon became the favorite coffee. However, due to the rarity as well as unusual process, this coffee was very expensive. Nowadays, a cup of Wild Kopi Luwak can be easily enjoyed by anyone who loves coffee although that it is still expensive.

There might be some questions floating inside of your head right now. Luwak coffee is still a rarity although that there have been a lot of people jumped into the business. Although that it is quite rare, nowadays, it is easier to get luwak coffee. There are many companies willing to sell luwak coffee directly from Indonesia. We are JPW Coffee and we are one of the trustworthy companies with our product of Wild Kopi Luwak. We are not just selling because we produce the coffee under our own brand and we guarantee the quality of our product of coffee.

Wild Kopi Luwak is made of Arabica coffee fruits those are planted in the coffee plantations those are managed with the organic system. The coffee beans we processed are all have passed the sorting process. We only choose the best coffee beans to be processed further into our high quality product. Every coffee bean that we processed is aimed to give the perfection of elegance in the coffee flavor. The flavor aimed is the one fruity dominant but still leaving the hints of caramel and chocolate. How does it sound? Isn’t it a great thing to be able to taste the elegant and unique taste that can only be achieved by drinking luwak coffee?

There are a lot of reasons to buy Wild Coffee Luwak from us. In case that you wonder whether you want to buy it from us or not, here are several things to be considered again:

  • Affordable price (by luwak coffee standard)
  • Quality of specialty grade of coffee
  • Pure made of Arabica coffee
  • The production is done in a place guaranteed for being hygiene to guarantee the hygiene of the product.
  • Free of dangerous bacteria
  • Many baristas have tried our coffee and none of them disappointed.

As a company, we, JPW Coffee can be trusted with our product of Wild Kopi Luwak. We have the experience in the business of luwak coffee and we have the tidy management with the clear marketing concept. Our service is quick and trustworthy. Our products are not only guaranteed in quality but we also keep on improving our products in order to produce the best quality.

So, if you need the high quality luwak coffee that is very rich and elegant in flavor, contact us and we will assist you in acquiring world’s most valuable coffee, Wild Kopi Luwak.

An Introduction of the Wild Kopi Luwak

If you are a coffee-addicted, then those many kinds of coffee should have been tried in your lifetime. No matter how many kinds of coffee, you are willing to look for it and take a sip. You will never stand a day without having a cup of coffee. Some people say that you are addicted to coffee but you do not think the same way. You just love the coffee, you want to drink it, you make it happened, and finally you can enjoy it. It is a good logic, is not it? Here, there is a new coffee which is called the Wild kopi luwak.

Kopi Luwak Premium Grade - Special Gift Box
Kopi Luwak Premium Grade – Special Gift Box

A Brief Explanation about Wild Kopi Luwak 

Wild kopi luwak actually comes from Sumatra especially in the wild terrain of some area in Sumatra. It has been existed since the Dutch colonization in Indonesia up to now. They built some coffee plantations and Indonesian people were prohibited to pick them up. As the time passed, Asian try to eat the ripe coffee from the tree and the waste contains the bean that they ate before. Luwak, often called as the Civet coffee, is well known for the unique aroma, the smoothness, and the low level of the acidity it has. It is marked as a different type of coffee because most of the coffee offers sweet but this coffee does not.

In order to produce this special coffee from the civets’ wastes, there are two methods that people can use. The first one includes the human processes and the other includes the animal processes. First of all, the coffee cherries will be planted in the habitat of civet. Then Luwak will eat the pulps of the coffee cherries and pass it through the digestive tract they have. It passes the normal digestive process includes both fermentation and also chemical action and pop out through the feces. It is called the animal process.

Meanwhile, the human process begins when the feces’ wastes are collected from the luwak by the farmers. Later, they will be cleaned by washing and cleansing and getting enough sun-dry for the cherries. After that the wastes should be roasting to gain the strong and rich flavor of chocolate or also caramel. People can find these kinds of coffee that is usually less bitter and also smooth to their tongue. It was how the wild kopi luwak produced.

Some researchers and also experts have studied and further analyzed that the Kopi Luwak is actually harmless related to the health for human because the making process is very clinical and it is guaranteed. When you are very curious about the cleanliness that probably the coffee makers skip some steps on the making processes, both brewing and also roasting can solve your worry.  The unique way of the making process of the kopi luwak and its special taste and aroma cannot be found elsewhere. That is why the wild kopi luwak becomes the most expensive coffee over the world. Are you curious enough? Take a sip of this coffee will make your day brighter.

Wild Kopi Luwak – The Most Expensive and Rarest Coffee in the World

Do you know about wild kopi luwak? Known for its high quality taste, kopi luwak or Kopi Luwak is quite famous among many people especially those who love coffee. The name itself refers to the name of Asian palm civet, Luwak. If this is your first time hearing such a name, you may wonder why it is so popular not only in Indonesia but also other countries such as United States and England.

wild civet coffee

Why is Kopi Luwak So Famous ?

The popularity of wild kopi luwak has been known throughout many countries not only in some countries such as United States but also in Europe. Along with other brands such as Jamaican Coffee, kopi luwak has been regarded as one of the most expensive coffee in the world. Speaking about its process, kopi luwak is mainly produced in Indonesia, in Java and Sumatera island. The reason why kopi luwak is so popular because of its unique process where it goes through the digestive system of the Asian palm civet, Luwak. Unlike other coffee, the process is very unique thus kopi luwak can’t be produced in a mass quantity. This is one main reason why civet is so expensive compared to other brands. Java and Sumatera which are known as the natural habitat of Asian Palm Civet, Luwak are known as the only location where kopi luwak is produced. So if you purchase kopi luwak from locations except these places, you know that they are not the original ones. The original kopi luwak is only found in Indonesia.

Wild Kopi Luwak with Strong and Heavy Flavor

When it comes to tastes, kopi luwak is very unique and can’t be compared with other brands. You won’t find other coffee that has the same taste like kopi luwak. It is so popular and has a heavy flavor. Well, this is not really surprising since kopi luwak is made through the digestive system of Luwak. kopi luwak is known for its lack of bitterness, this is something that you can’t find in other coffee. kopi luwak is also known for its strong flavor especially hints of chocolate and caramel.

The other characteristic of wild kopi luwak is its thick texture, the taste will also depend on the amount of coffee beans that were roasted. With all of these unique characteristics, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that kopi luwak is very unique in taste and expensive when it comes to price. Although the price is quite expensive, many people still want to purchase kopi luwak, thanks to its unique taste. If this is your first time experience hearing this type of coffee, perhaps you should consider trying kopi luwak. As you try kopi luwak, you will soon realize why this coffee is so popular and has been labeled as the most expensive coffee in the world. The only original kopi luwak is only found in Indonesia so you need to purchase them from Indonesian sellers. Wild Kopi Luwak delivers the best flavor which can’t be compared with other coffee available out there.