Elegance in Flavor of Luwak Coffee

A cup of coffee in the morning is always welcomed by the people who claim themselves as coffee lovers. Are you one of those people? It is always a pleasure to have the freshly brewed coffee every morning right? It will be even more special if the coffee served from the world’s most expensive coffee, luwak coffee. We believe that you have heard about this coffee before. Yes, it is a very expensive coffee sold under various brands including Wild Kopi Luwak and it has the very unique flavor that is not just strong but also very rich. This one expensive coffee has reasons to become expensive.

Kopi Luwak Premium Grade - Special Gift Box
Kopi Luwak Premium Grade – Special Gift Box

Wild Kopi Luwak is a good example of the good coffee. But without the history behind the discovery of luwak coffee, there will be no one will have this elegant and unique taste of coffee. According to the history, in the early 18th century, Dutch established the coffee plantations in their colony in Indonesia. The islands chosen were Java and Sumatra and the coffee planted included Yemen Arabica coffee. Native farmers and plantation workers were not allowed to take the coffee fruits for their own usage.

The fame of coffee as beverage made many native workers curious and then one day, they learned about luwak or musang (Asian Palm civet). The civets ate coffee fruits and they left the coffee beans without the beans digested when they dropped them. The natives collected those beans and created their own coffee. The fame of the coffee was spread quickly and soon became the favorite coffee. However, due to the rarity as well as unusual process, this coffee was very expensive. Nowadays, a cup of Wild Kopi Luwak can be easily enjoyed by anyone who loves coffee although that it is still expensive.

There might be some questions floating inside of your head right now. Luwak coffee is still a rarity although that there have been a lot of people jumped into the business. Although that it is quite rare, nowadays, it is easier to get luwak coffee. There are many companies willing to sell luwak coffee directly from Indonesia. We are JPW Coffee and we are one of the trustworthy companies with our product of Wild Kopi Luwak. We are not just selling because we produce the coffee under our own brand and we guarantee the quality of our product of coffee.

Wild Kopi Luwak is made of Arabica coffee fruits those are planted in the coffee plantations those are managed with the organic system. The coffee beans we processed are all have passed the sorting process. We only choose the best coffee beans to be processed further into our high quality product. Every coffee bean that we processed is aimed to give the perfection of elegance in the coffee flavor. The flavor aimed is the one fruity dominant but still leaving the hints of caramel and chocolate. How does it sound? Isn’t it a great thing to be able to taste the elegant and unique taste that can only be achieved by drinking luwak coffee?

There are a lot of reasons to buy Wild Coffee Luwak from us. In case that you wonder whether you want to buy it from us or not, here are several things to be considered again:

  • Affordable price (by luwak coffee standard)
  • Quality of specialty grade of coffee
  • Pure made of Arabica coffee
  • The production is done in a place guaranteed for being hygiene to guarantee the hygiene of the product.
  • Free of dangerous bacteria
  • Many baristas have tried our coffee and none of them disappointed.

As a company, we, JPW Coffee can be trusted with our product of Wild Kopi Luwak. We have the experience in the business of luwak coffee and we have the tidy management with the clear marketing concept. Our service is quick and trustworthy. Our products are not only guaranteed in quality but we also keep on improving our products in order to produce the best quality.

So, if you need the high quality luwak coffee that is very rich and elegant in flavor, contact us and we will assist you in acquiring world’s most valuable coffee, Wild Kopi Luwak.