Expensive Price in Kopi Luwak

Luwak coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. The price per glass could reach Rp. 200,000. What makes luwak coffee expensive is because of the complicated processing the excellent taste are also another thing that makes it become very expensive.

wild kopi luwak

In contrast to other coffees, luwak coffee requires a more complicated process. At first, the farmers will pick the coffee which is red and ripe from the tree. After that, the coffees which had been picked and selected for the good quality are given to the luwak (civet). For wild kopi luwak, the civets are not caged but live wildly in the forest and they can pick the best coffee beans for them to eat. Civets always eat the coffee beans which are considered good in quality. They always sort the coffee beans. Civets pick the coffee beans which are ripe enough. Civet will only eat the skin of the coffee and the beans will be secreted from their body in a whole beans forms.

Coffee beans that have been secreted in the feces form will then be cleaned with water several times until it is completely clean and dried. The coffee beans will be grain that still has horns and skin epidermis with a water content of about 20 percent. Once completely dry, the skins will be removed by grinding it slowly so that the beans would not be damaged.

After that, farmers will choose coffee beans one by one, separating the seeds which still have skins and skinless. The result of this process is the coffee beans with only silver -colored epidermis. After that, the coffee beans are baked and packed. Because of the process which is complicated and use manual technique, makes kopi luwak is much more expensive than other coffees.