High Quality 100% Wild Kopi Luwak Sumatra

Wild kopi luwak Sumatra utara is made from selected bean in Aceh, Gayo. The best of the best bean are collected for making this wild kopi luwak Sumatra. And continue with luwak animal to process it. This detail process makes it to popular among other coffees in the world. The other process is also great therefore it can be one of the popular coffees around the world.

wild kopi luwak

The strong smell and taste are also making it more expensive than other coffee. The quality in relation to the health is also being searched by a lot of science. The research found that this wild kopi luwak has lower caffeine and good for being consumed. The people can consume it without worrying about their health.

JPW Coffee is one of popular Wild Kopi Luwak company in Indonesia. The various ways can be used to make this coffee. This technique has name pour over. This technical is actually an old technique but now becoming a trend again. Coffee filtered using filter paper. Dropping, there is a variety of ways. The original coffee will be tasted stronger in term of smell and taste.

The taste and smell of the coffee are really different. Things to make it original besides the selected beans which are selected from Gayo also the hand process of making this coffee. People may get the satisfaction of their tongue while drinking it. The quality of making this coffee is really noticed. The detail processes of hand process become the guarantee of every wild luwak kopi product which is from North Sumatra, Indonesia. Even the buyers need to waste much money to buy it, but they will get satisfaction to have this wild kopi luwak.