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The Unique Taste of the Arabica Coffee

Apart from those names of the coffee, there are some other names of the coffee that is forgotten by the people, especially the coffee addicts. The familiar names must be the cappuccino, mochaccino, frapuccino, and other names ending with ‘cino’. In fact, you should not miss this Arabica coffee. The name of this coffee is not very strange because most of the cafes or coffee shops provide this coffee for the customers. The different thing about this Arabica coffee relies on its uniqueness that underlines this coffee from the other ones.

arabica coffee

Brief Introduction of the Unique Arabica Coffee

When you are not sure that the cup of coffee that you sip from your table is not the Arabica coffee, here are some different taste of the Arabica coffee that is far from those ‘cino’ coffees and their companion. Why does this Arabica coffee feel so different? Arabica coffee has the sour taste in its unique way. A cup of Arabica coffee with the others might not have the same level of the sourness. This sourness level could be different one another. The aroma of this coffee is in its own way. The taste is a little bitter in 50% less of the caffeine level compared to Robusta coffee.

People usually like to have their Arabica coffee sweeter by adding some cream or milk while some other will prefer to drink it normally without adding any of the milk and cream. Arabica coffee has a lot of varieties that are spread all over the world. In Indonesia there are three names of the Arabica coffee. They are the Arabica Jawa, Sulawesi Toraja Kalosi, Sumatra Lintong, and Sumatra Mandheling. Arabica Jawa is very popular not only in its origin but also worldwide. The name of Java further becomes the identity of coffee. Even the logo in your computer named “Java” is inspired to be created to identify the coffee with ‘java’.

Mandheling is named based on an ethnic in North Sumatra named Batak Mandailing in Indonesia, while the Lintong coffee is named based on a Lintong place in North Sumatra too. Not only in Indonesia but also elsewhere in the world, the greatest coffee can be produced just to satisfy all of the people’s tongue. In Ethiopia, there are two famous coffee namely Ethiopian Harrar from Harrar and also Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from a small city in Oromia Ethiopia.

Thus, there are some other popular names of the coffee and its trademarks. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaika is famous for its expensive cost. The Kenyan is well known for its low acid and its taste. Mocha used to be sold in Mocha in Yemen. It is served with a little bit coffee. Santos from Brazil produces the coffee in low acid. Another country is Mexico that produces the hard coffee bean that becomes famous all over the world. Tanzania Peaberry is the last examples that will be mentioned here. The name of Peaberry means that there will be only a coffee bean in each fruit.