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Is it possible to Produce Luwak Coffee without Using Luwak?

In making luwak coffee, every coffee farmer needs luwak as the mediator to produce luwak coffee. It’s probably impossible to produce it without luwak. But, can you realize that modernization changes everything in human life. There are no clear borders between possible and impossible things included produce this coffee. Is it possible for us to create luwak coffee without using luwak? Yes, it is completely possible. Here, some proofs that luwak coffee still possible without using luwak.

wild kopi luwak

The first proof comes from Sekolah Ilmu dan Teknologi Hayati (SITH) ITB. Ali budhi, Warih and Maliki are the finders of this coffee, these three boys has created something incredible that will be a great invention in luwak coffee. They show that there is a possibility to produce luwak coffee without using luwak. Their finding named luwak coffee zimobiotik. It is like an artificial fermentation which is occurred in luwak’s ingestion, then the process of enzymatic and microbial fermentation happens naturally. This invention leads them into an award in Youth Agrotechnopreneurship Competition (YAC) which is held by Institut Pertanian Bogor in October, 2010.

Furthermore, student of Darmajaya Lampung also find the way to produce luwak coffee without using luwak as the mediator. Actually, they find this method inadvertently because this idea comes up in their mind suddenly during their process in finish up entrepreneurship subject. Their finding has been known as kopilani. The methods they use to produce this coffee close similar with the previous one that is utilizing the artificial fermentation as the substitute. They have claimed that their product is completely saved than coffee which is produced by using luwak.

Suprio Guntoro, a researcher from Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian or BPTP Bali discover luwak coffee probiotik. His finding show that the process of producing luwak coffee quiet similar with the original one. But, the differences with the original are he just needs the small intestine and appendix from luwak to produce luwak coffee. Then, he isolates the microbe in small intestine and appendix. Conclusively he states that microbe which he has does not contain any harmful viruses. Then, from this step he will gain a coffee which have quiet similar taste and aroma to the original luwak coffee which is produced through luwak`s fermentation.

Although both experiments which done by the students from SITH ITB and Darmajaya is not the first it is considered as a great experiments that expands the knowledge about luwak coffee. At least, they can prove that luwak coffee can be produced even though by using artificial fermentation. On the other hands, Suprio Guntoro, a researcher from BPTP Bali discovers the other method to produce luwak coffee without using luwak. He creates probiotik microbe which is produced by adopting the process of luwak’s digestion. His method is isolating the microbe in small intestine and appendix during the process of making coffee. Well, these three proofs are the example that luwak coffee can be produced although without using luwak. In conclusion, there are several ways to make luwak coffee without having to include the assistance of the luwak itself. For me, the best kopi luwak is still Wild Kopi Luwak that were produced from Luwak animal itself.