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Coffee Cultures around the World

Let’s face it, among some delicious drinks we have found so far, coffee is without a doubt one of them. No matter where you are, it is easy to find your favorite coffee. Be it Asian, American or African, coffee has been included on their favorite list. In these days, it has become a lot easier to find some best serving options where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with the best taste ever. Now, if you wonder where you can find delicious coffee, I have listed a few of favorite places that you should try whenever you visit this place, check these out!

coffee serve


Hawaii has become one of the most favorite holiday destinations that many love. Not only it offers a luxury place where you can spend your holiday with your family or loved one, you can also enjoy coffee with a great taste here. You can enjoy a tour of coffee plantations. In addition, you can also enjoy their delicious coffee, with a very unique taste and flavor that you can’t find in other places.

Edmonton, Alberta

Our next city goes to Edmonton, Alberta this city offers a different level of coffee experience where you can enjoy drinking a cup of coffee at a new level. Don’t miss some best coffee in this city where you can try a drip coffee, double cream, all of which are sure to give you one of the best experiences ever.

Paris, France

Paris, France is a very beautiful city known for its fashion trend where women can find the latest trend in fashion and women’s accessories. In addition, those who love drinking coffee shouldn’t miss some best coffee from a cappuccino to an espresso. When you order a cappuccino, most restaurants will also serve you with a meal. The other choice is to order a cup of black coffee which is also served with a tube of sugar, a pretty delicious coffee that is worth trying.

Zadar, Croatia

Zadar, Croatia is a great city where most people spend their free time by enjoying a cup of coffee in the café. There are hundreds of café which can be found and if you are going to visit this city, make sure to taste their delicious coffee. Their most popular menus are pastries and coffee.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington is also very popular for its delicious coffee. While Starbucks is very popular, you can also enjoy other coffee here from a number of different cafes. With various choices available to choose from, there are a lot of things you can explore from cream, flavor, syrup and many more.

With all of these great places you can visit, it is definitely a great idea to spend some time whenever you visit one of these locations. Drinking a cup of coffee gives us a very unique experience where we can enjoy various choices. If you love coffee then it is time to plan your holiday and make sure to visit some cafes whenever you happen to visit one of these cities.