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Gourmet Coffee Wild Kopi Luwak and Peaberry

Coffee is a beverage that many in the favorite by the community especially the men, in addition to eliminating drowsiness, coffee also has properties that many, if you do not consume to excess and do not use cream or sugar element in the making. Coffee has a variety of types and flavors such as luwak coffee and regular coffee beans, the coffee industry advanced technology creates a variety of flavors and variants, so in addition to men, women also can enjoy the taste of coffee with a variety of flavors. One type of coffee that has a high taste is Wild Kopi Luwak.

wild kopi luwak

Luwak coffee is produced from coffee beans to give luwak; luwak is a weasel-like animal, from the coffee beans will undergo fermentation processes in the body thus creating luwak coffee which has a high taste. Luwak coffee is made ​​by brand Gourmet also been the prey of coffee lovers, the resulting price luwak coffee was also quite expensive but still sought after and favored by consumers. The coffee has a high taste has become one of the mainstay products in Gourmet Coffee.

Addition to coffee beans which can be a basic material for the manufacture of coffee turns peaberry fruit can be used as coffee that has a delicious flavor. Peaberry fruit has a shape almost resembles coffee beans but has a smaller size. In the manufacturing process peaberry seed roasting process prior to produce coffee with a high taste in separating the seed producer that has the best quality,  Because the number of seeds of rare and seldom encountered then this coffee prices were also quite expensive.

Luwak coffee and peaberry is a product of the Gourmet Coffee, both these products possess high taste and possess distinctive characteristics. Many coffee lovers hunt for both products. Because hard luwak coffee in the manufacturing process and material peaberry is scarce then the price offered was quite expensive, although the price is high, coffee lovers still hunting for this coffee.