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Best luwak coffee with advantages for your body

Along with the development of foods processed in chemical ways that is going inside your body, most would create bad side effects on our body itself. Luwak coffee, the most expensive coffee in the world until today is still processed naturally by the digestion system of luwak animal has a lot of advantages especially for your health. Wild Kopi Luwak, one of the brands that are offered by JPW coffee company could be considered one of the best with premium quality of Luwak Coffee available. They use natural originated Arabica Coffee beans from Aceh Gayo, North Sumatra, Indonesia.


Consuming Luwak coffee has a lot of advantages rather than disadvantages not like any other types of coffee. The acidity and caffeine levels in Luwak coffee beans are very low so it would be good for people that have gastric wind and heart problem to still consume them. Our Kopi Luwak has been picked and tested safe fully so the protein levels that in the beans itself could still support a low protein diet person that still want to drink coffee every day.

The unique taste and aroma of Luwak coffee can be tasted when you choose Wild Kopi Luwak as your coffee brand when buying Luwak coffees. Because of its different taste with a little sourness gives a different sensation when you are drinking this type of coffee. The production and rarity of Luwak Coffee itself these days are very limited hence why they are the most expensive coffee in the world up until today. Luwak Coffee offered by our company is packaged so exclusively to manage the product image itself nationally and internationally. With that been said, originality of this particular type of coffee is why coffee lovers and buyers are still buying even with the high price that they have to pay for them.

Arabica Coffee beans that are used as main coffee beans for Wild Kopi Luwak from its plantations in North Sumatra have been recognized both nationally and internationally as one of the best coffees available with best taste and unique aroma. History has been noted that Indonesia has been one of the only countries that can naturally produce Luwak coffee since the 19th century even with limited production level. These days there are also imitations of Luwak coffee that has been sold by a lot of stores and shops around the world.

To make sure that you are buying the right Luwak coffee available, you might want to check if they have the right certificate for our products. Wild Kopi Luwak has full Luwak coffee certification that has been certified by the Indonesian government to ensure its quality and it is safe to be consumed by our buyers. The result analysis of the certificate product testing resulted in a very high numbers which means it is in very good quality range of Luwak coffee. For more information about these products offered by JPW Coffee, you can contact our customer service directly by phone, and if you decide to just send an email for your inquiries, we should be able to get back to you within 24 hours.

What is The Best Time to Drink Coffee?

For most people, the best time to drink coffee is in the morning, and what about you, do you have the same opinion? Well, it is very obvious that most people love drinking coffee in the morning as it cam boost their energy and also increase tolerance of stimulant. For those who have trouble sleeping then it is not strictly prohibited to drink coffee in the afternoon. This has become a very common fact that drinking a cup of coffee can create a good moment where we can have one of the most delicious drinks in the world before starting our activities.


A Cup of Coffee in the Morning Can Boost Your Energy

As we have heard so far, it seems that drinking a cup of coffee in the morning can provide us some benefits such as boosting our energy before we do any activities especially when we want to work. While it is true that drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is a good way to motivate yourself and get yourself going, many scientists have discovered that the best time to drink at least a cup of coffee is around 9.30 am and 11.30 am. Why should we drink a cup of coffee at this hour? Well, there are some reasons and you are gong to learn why drinking a cup of coffee at this hour is the best time you can choose. The main reason is because coffee which contains caffeine may interact with your key hormone thus result in driving more vitality and promoting alertness at the same time.

The key hormone called CORTISOL helps to regulate your body’s own internal clock thus your stamina would be better. In fact, the level of CORTISOL may remain high when you wake up in the morning and it can last up to several hours. By drinking coffee in the morning, it helps you to get a higher level of CORTISOL for increased productivity. Since CORTISOL levels are naturally higher around 8 Am and 9 Am, this is not necessary to drink coffee around this hour. That’s why most scientists recommend people to drink coffee above 9 AM. We can also say that drinking coffee around this hour is less effective.

By knowing this fact, it doesn’t mean that you should drink coffee around this hour. The right time for people to drink coffee may vary from person to person. This is due to the CORTISOL level that may vary. In a nutshell, you should determine which time that best fits with your needs when you want to drink coffee in the morning. This will also depend on when you usually get up in the morning. Some people may wake up early and others may wake up late.

KOPI LUWAK, Your Best Choice to Boost Your Energy in the Morning

Now, while drinking a cup of coffee helps you to boost your energy and stamina as well, knowing which coffee that best fits with your personal preferences is also important. Among some choices we have, there is no denying that Kopi Luwak would be included on our top list. This is the most delicious coffee in the world and many would love to taste this one at least once in a lifetime.

6 Coffee Tips You Must Know for the Best Coffee

Everyone knows that making a cup of coffee is easy but for those who want more, there are tricks that they should know. In fact, making a delicious cup of coffee is not as easy as we may think, it doesn’t always work as we expect thus we need to learn some tricks to achieve a perfect taste. You can name it from some popular choices such as home roasted beans to French Presses there are some tips to make better coffee. Do you want to know how to make better coffee? If so, you should read the rest of this article.

best coffee

Tips for Better Coffee That Coffee Addicts Must Know  

  • Our first list goes to the idea of creating our own beautiful latte which can be very simple as creating a cup of coffee, all you need is a bit of creativity. It is okay if you make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes when they try to decorate their own coffee latte for the first time.
  • No mater how delicious your coffee is, keep in mind that the quality of your coffee beans will also depend on how you store them properly. Knowing about this reason, you need to find the proper place where you can store your coffee beans to maintain its quality.
  • The other way to ensure that you can enjoy the best coffee and ensure that you get the best quality is to choose only the best coffee. There are some choices from Civet coffee to a famous brand such as Blue Mountain.
  • Try to Roast Your Own Coffee Beans: Have you ever wondered that you can make better coffee by roasting your own coffee beans. Well, this is quite simple and everyone can do it. Some have been complaining about how hard and frustrating it can be when they want to find fresh, high quality roasted beans. There are some tools you can use if you wish to roast your own coffee beans such as a heat gun and metal bowl.
  • Be more selective when selecting coffee beans the key is to find fine-tune caffeine levels. For example, Robusta is said to offer higher caffeine levels compared to Arabica.
  • When you want to make a cup of hot coffee, it is better to heat your mug first. This will keep your coffee warm for a longer time.

Add Spices to Give a Different Taste!

Our last tip in which you can add taste to your coffee is to use spices such as cinnamon. Adding this one in your coffee will give a different taste. You should give it a try and taste it.

Actually, there are still other ways and tricks you can use if you wish to have better coffee the next time you make a cup of coffee. There is no need to spend some time waiting in the coffee and have your coffee served, making your own coffee and enjoy the better one is possible. Now is the time to apply these tips!

Some Scientific Reasons to Drink Coffee Every Day

In our previous post, we have discussed about some benefits of drinking coffee but do you know that there are some scientific reasons behind it. In case you wonder why drinking coffee can be very beneficial, it would be better to take a look at some benefits first and you would be surprised that there are more to look for from drinking coffee every day. Here is a brief description why drinking at least a cup of coffee is a must and why you should drink coffee in moderation.


5 Main Benefits of Drinking a Cup of Coffee Every Day

In this post, you are going to learn about some main health benefits of drinking coffee every day. These are some scientific reasons thus all benefits mentioned here have been researched for clarity. Although there are still other benefits, I decide not to post here, some of them are still rumors thus I can’t ensure whether they are really exist or not. So check these out!

  • Drinking Coffee Every Day Can Increase Your Fiber Intake: This is quite surprising in fact drinking coffee each day can help you to increase your fiber intake. Based on some studies, a cup of coffee can represent a contribution of 1.8 grams of fiber    
  • Drinking Coffee is also said to help you to cut the pain especially muscle pain up to 48%.
  • Drinking Coffee can also help you to lower the risk of diabetes, type 2 Diabetes. Studies have shown that people who consume at least 2 cups of coffee each day are expected to have a lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes up to 22% compared to those who don’t consume coffee.
  • Drinking a Cup of Coffee can also reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease. The other surprising news is that caffeine can also fight against Alzheimer’s disease. As reported by European Journal of Neurology.
  • Drinking Coffee can also reduce the risk of getting Parkinson: Parkinson has been reported as one of the most deadly diseases which people suffer these days. By drinking coffee regularly, it helps people to reduce the risk of getting Parkinson.

With these things to keep in mind, there is no reason not to include coffee at least a cup of coffee in the morning before you start your activities. Recent studies also show that coffee which has caffeine can also boost women’s sex drive. For couples, this can be very good news, it means that they can build a more intimate relationship with their partner. Further researches also show that coffee is also linked with our hearth health and longevity.

Overall, these are some scientific reasons behind the use of coffee. Knowing these reasons will help you to give more accurate information in case you meet with a coffee hater. It helps you to educate them by showing some health benefits of drinking coffee which have been proved by scientists. Now, you can enjoy your daily activity, each time you start activities, make sure to have at least a cup of coffee in the morning.

The Fact of Luwak Coffee Process

For you coffee lovers certainly have heard the name of Luwak coffee. One type of coffee which in recent years arose because the taste is so unique, delicious, and the price for one was capable of reaching hundreds of thousands per cup. For those of you who have never felt the luwak coffee is surely very curious how a cup of coffee could be as expensive as it is, and for those who never feel it, would also wondering, how could the luwak coffee can be quite as enjoyable as it is. In the Luwak coffee process does use some special way that produces a distinctive and delicious flavor. The following article will explain how Luwak coffee is processed.


The first thing in the Luwak coffee process is by collecting coffee beans from civet feces by using the scratch, once a day. Once all of it is collected, the next process is drying the feces, in other words, it is called tempering. In this process the water content that is in a mixture of feces and coffee beans is decreased until it reaches the level of 16%. Usually in this process using a “tampah bamboo” to produce a completely dry ingredient, thus can produce a perfect result. This process will be performed approximately 2 to 7 days. This process needs a complete precision, because if there is a little error on this process, the process should be repeated once more from beginning.

The next process in the Luwak coffee process is to clean the civet’s feces from coffee beans by rinsing with clean water continuously. Then the next process is almost identical to the first process, the reduction of moisture content, this stage takes approximately 3 to 7 days. Furthermore, the coffee beans skin is peeled by using a traditional tool which is used to rub the skin overall, and after that coffee beans are dried. Once again the coffee beans go through a drying process, this process is completed by reducing the moisture content up to 13% and then the coffee beans are sorted, and it will be cleaned from dust, soil, etc.

The Luwak coffee is absolutely one of the first class coffee beans, because to produce a gram of this coffee, the luwak coffee process is difficult and complicated. The last process is a packing process, Luwak coffee is packed by using an airtight package to keep it in a good condition. Luwak coffee needs to be put in a room with good air circulation, has an ideal temperature ranges between 10 to 28 degrees, and can be stored at 6 months maximum.

With such Luwak coffee process, the coffee has become a high-quality coffee. Through a unique and complicated process that luwak coffee could become a very delicious coffee and expensive. Not wrong if many people who seek it and are willing to spend a lot of money just to taste a cup of this coffee. In addition to the unique and delicious taste, luwak coffee also known of the capability to repair damaged cells in our body, and gives more stamina for those who often feel weak. To learn more about the advantages of consuming luwak coffee, you can do your own research by reading some articles.