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Living a Healthy Life with Luwak Coffee

Luwak coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. The opportunity to taste a cup of Luwak coffee only by visiting some of the special places even have to come over to a minimum 3-star café, the price is also very high, around 100,000 IDR to 300,000 IDR this price reach almost 4 times the price of a cup of coffee in General. High prices and difficulties in searching for Luwak coffee is not unreasonable, this is because in the process of making Luwak coffee is need a lot of patience, perseverance, and precision. In addition, regardless of the response of many people that drink the luwak coffee is actually just throwing money away, in fact, drinking Luwak coffee can nourish your body. This article will explain the facts about healthy life with Luwak coffee.

Coffee Luwak From Indonesia

Healthy life with Luwak coffee is possible some benefits of Luwak coffee can make your life healthier than those who never drink Luwak coffee or not drinking coffee at all. The first benefit of drink Luwak coffee will improve the metabolism of the body. The content in the Luwak coffee may stimulate adrenaline and blood vessel system that will make your body feels fresher and eliminates drowsiness. Caffeine in Luwak coffee is believed can give a boost to the metabolism of the body, this makes the body digest food more quickly and produce energy and heat, this process called thermo genesis.

The second benefit which makes you live a healthy life with Luwak coffee is preventing Alzheimer disease. The content of antioxidants found in Luwak coffee will prevent cells brain damage, while the content of superiority can inhibit brain inflammation that can culminate in Alzheimer disease. Inside the body of Alzheimer patients is found that they have a low level of Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (GCSF) and Luwak coffee can increase the GSCF for people who consume them so this capable and can prevent the Alzheimer disease.

The next benefit of Luwak coffee is preventing diabetes mellitus. The chlorogenic acid that contained in the Luwak coffee may help prevent insulin resistance which is a sign of diabetes. In our bodies there are hormones that regulate the activity of testosterone and estrogen, the sex hormone-binding globulin, or SHBG, these hormones can increase the body’s immune response to diabetes mellitus, and Luwak coffee alone can increase SHBG hormone for the consumers. Research of living a healthy life with Luwak coffee on some women conclude, that those who drank four cups of kopi luwak per day had higher levels of SHBG than those who do not consume Luwak coffee or not consume coffee at all.

From the facts about the benefits of kopi luwak for our bodies above, we can conclude that living a healthy life with Luwak coffee is not a myth, but a fact. Thus you do not need to be confused anymore in consuming Luwak coffee and afraid of drinking Luwak coffee will be bad for your health, or even afraid of drinking Luwak coffee is merely the activities of throwing money away, but in consuming Luwak coffee do not overdo it, because it can be bad.

The Fact of Luwak Coffee Process

For you coffee lovers certainly have heard the name of Luwak coffee. One type of coffee which in recent years arose because the taste is so unique, delicious, and the price for one was capable of reaching hundreds of thousands per cup. For those of you who have never felt the luwak coffee is surely very curious how a cup of coffee could be as expensive as it is, and for those who never feel it, would also wondering, how could the luwak coffee can be quite as enjoyable as it is. In the Luwak coffee process does use some special way that produces a distinctive and delicious flavor. The following article will explain how Luwak coffee is processed.


The first thing in the Luwak coffee process is by collecting coffee beans from civet feces by using the scratch, once a day. Once all of it is collected, the next process is drying the feces, in other words, it is called tempering. In this process the water content that is in a mixture of feces and coffee beans is decreased until it reaches the level of 16%. Usually in this process using a “tampah bamboo” to produce a completely dry ingredient, thus can produce a perfect result. This process will be performed approximately 2 to 7 days. This process needs a complete precision, because if there is a little error on this process, the process should be repeated once more from beginning.

The next process in the Luwak coffee process is to clean the civet’s feces from coffee beans by rinsing with clean water continuously. Then the next process is almost identical to the first process, the reduction of moisture content, this stage takes approximately 3 to 7 days. Furthermore, the coffee beans skin is peeled by using a traditional tool which is used to rub the skin overall, and after that coffee beans are dried. Once again the coffee beans go through a drying process, this process is completed by reducing the moisture content up to 13% and then the coffee beans are sorted, and it will be cleaned from dust, soil, etc.

The Luwak coffee is absolutely one of the first class coffee beans, because to produce a gram of this coffee, the luwak coffee process is difficult and complicated. The last process is a packing process, Luwak coffee is packed by using an airtight package to keep it in a good condition. Luwak coffee needs to be put in a room with good air circulation, has an ideal temperature ranges between 10 to 28 degrees, and can be stored at 6 months maximum.

With such Luwak coffee process, the coffee has become a high-quality coffee. Through a unique and complicated process that luwak coffee could become a very delicious coffee and expensive. Not wrong if many people who seek it and are willing to spend a lot of money just to taste a cup of this coffee. In addition to the unique and delicious taste, luwak coffee also known of the capability to repair damaged cells in our body, and gives more stamina for those who often feel weak. To learn more about the advantages of consuming luwak coffee, you can do your own research by reading some articles.

Why Drinking a Cup of coffee in the Morning is a Must

Some of you may wonder why there are lots of people love drinking a cup of coffee at least once in the morning. Well, for them, coffee has become one important habit that they love to do before they begin their activity. In case you have no idea whether or not drinking a cup of coffee is good for you, it is better to find out some information regarding some health benefits you can expect from a cup of coffee in the morning. Let’s check these out!

drink coffee

The Idea of Having a Cup of Coffee in the Morning, Is it Good for You?

Well, let’s face it, some people consider drinking a cup of coffee as their part of morning routine. Studies have shown that doing this habit regularly is proven to deliver heart healthy benefits. This is very surprising, not only coffee is delicious but it also has some benefits that not so many people may already know. In addition, those who drink a cup of coffee in the morning regularly are reported to have a lower risk of developing cancer and diabetes type 2. With these benefits you can get, one question arises, how can you get all the benefits and obtain the maximum benefit? Here are several things you must do if you want to get all benefits from a cup of coffee in the morning.

Only Choose for Organic Coffee Beans

We already know that there are several types of coffee you can find out there from the most popular ones such as KOPI LUWAK to some regular coffee. No matter what your choice is, my best advice is to choose only organic coffee beans. When shopping for coffee, it would be better to check that you pick only the organic brand. You can check whether they are grown without the use of pesticide or not.

Darker Roasted Coffee Beans are Considered to Be Better

Aside from choosing organic ones, the other criteria you must know is to select only darker coffee beans. Based on some studies, darker roasted coffee beans are known to have more antioxidants. Although they taste bitter, choosing darker roasted coffee beans is the most recommended option at least if you want to obtain the optimum benefit.

Always Choose the Right Equipment when It Comes to Coffee Brewing

Equipment you choose will also affect the quality of coffee beans. This is important if you want to get the most from coffee beans. You can start with choose the right coffee machine, always opt for a  high quality coffee machine, although the price is a bit expensive but you get for what you pay for. Next, you can choose only purified water when making a cup of coffee, this is optional. Use a coffee bean grinder, this is the best if you want to get freshest level of coffee. That’s it, these are some tips you can do if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning and obtain the most from coffee beans.

Benefits of luwak coffee beans in Wild Kopi Luwak

Wild Kopi Luwak is one of the products offered by our company JPW Coffee that is based in South Jakarta, Indonesia and have its original plantation in Aceh Gayo, Sumatra, Indonesia. Luwak coffee with this name brand has a very high premium quality that is safe to be consumed by customers because of its high ratings in certifications that indicates the best quality you can have for Luwak coffee lovers. To have the best quality of products that specialize in cleanliness, it would be one of the main reason you would want to buy Luwak coffee from us.

luwak coffee

There are a lot of benefits you can have from consuming Luwak coffee. Some of the benefits include lowering the risk of getting nerve illness such as Alzheimer and Parkinson. Contents of the anti-oxidants inside Luwak coffee bean itself will prevent damaged cells inside your body when connected with Parkinson disease and also contents of caffeine in it will detain in slowing cephalitis (brain damage) in Alzheimer disease. Coffee drinker especially Luwak coffee drinker would have a lower chance of getting both of these diseases because both anti-oxidants and caffeine are commonly found in Luwak Coffee beans just like any other coffee beans, except with better taste and aroma from the uniqueness of the Luwak Coffee beans itself.

Other benefits you can have in consuming Luwak Coffee is to protect your teeth and prevent you from getting breast cancer. The contents of caffeine inside Luwak coffee beans have anti-bacterial and are also anti-sticky so it would prevent your teeth from having holes and would coat the surface of your teeth from being damaged by the bacteria inside your mouth. Coffee lovers that have habits in drinking coffee everyday would have a lower chance of getting mouth cancer down to about half times more than people that don’t drink coffee. Compounds found in Luwak coffee could also prevent cancer cells from growing inside your body, this might be because of the digestion system of how the beans are processed in the first place.

If you are diabetic for example, Luwak coffee would be the best type of coffee that you can consume. Chlorogenic acid that is contained in coffee beans helps in preventing insulin resistance that usually indicates the presence of the disease inside your body. People that consume coffee regularly with three to four cups or by consuming decaf coffee (less caffeine in the coffee beans) could lower the percentage of developing diabetic disease up to 30%. Wild Kopi Luwak with the ingredients of Luwak coffee beans could be used as type of coffees to be consumed instead of consuming regular coffee. It taste better and has better aroma than normal coffee too.

If you need more information about our Authentic Kopi Luwak, you can contact our customer service from this website or even if you are interested in buying from the store we would give you fast response time with your inquiries. Calling us by phone, emailing us or even going straight to our main office that is located in South Jakarta, Indonesia could be options that you would want to consider when trying to get in contact with representatives from JPW coffee.

Is it possible to Produce Luwak Coffee without Using Luwak?

In making luwak coffee, every coffee farmer needs luwak as the mediator to produce luwak coffee. It’s probably impossible to produce it without luwak. But, can you realize that modernization changes everything in human life. There are no clear borders between possible and impossible things included produce this coffee. Is it possible for us to create luwak coffee without using luwak? Yes, it is completely possible. Here, some proofs that luwak coffee still possible without using luwak.

wild kopi luwak

The first proof comes from Sekolah Ilmu dan Teknologi Hayati (SITH) ITB. Ali budhi, Warih and Maliki are the finders of this coffee, these three boys has created something incredible that will be a great invention in luwak coffee. They show that there is a possibility to produce luwak coffee without using luwak. Their finding named luwak coffee zimobiotik. It is like an artificial fermentation which is occurred in luwak’s ingestion, then the process of enzymatic and microbial fermentation happens naturally. This invention leads them into an award in Youth Agrotechnopreneurship Competition (YAC) which is held by Institut Pertanian Bogor in October, 2010.

Furthermore, student of Darmajaya Lampung also find the way to produce luwak coffee without using luwak as the mediator. Actually, they find this method inadvertently because this idea comes up in their mind suddenly during their process in finish up entrepreneurship subject. Their finding has been known as kopilani. The methods they use to produce this coffee close similar with the previous one that is utilizing the artificial fermentation as the substitute. They have claimed that their product is completely saved than coffee which is produced by using luwak.

Suprio Guntoro, a researcher from Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian or BPTP Bali discover luwak coffee probiotik. His finding show that the process of producing luwak coffee quiet similar with the original one. But, the differences with the original are he just needs the small intestine and appendix from luwak to produce luwak coffee. Then, he isolates the microbe in small intestine and appendix. Conclusively he states that microbe which he has does not contain any harmful viruses. Then, from this step he will gain a coffee which have quiet similar taste and aroma to the original luwak coffee which is produced through luwak`s fermentation.

Although both experiments which done by the students from SITH ITB and Darmajaya is not the first it is considered as a great experiments that expands the knowledge about luwak coffee. At least, they can prove that luwak coffee can be produced even though by using artificial fermentation. On the other hands, Suprio Guntoro, a researcher from BPTP Bali discovers the other method to produce luwak coffee without using luwak. He creates probiotik microbe which is produced by adopting the process of luwak’s digestion. His method is isolating the microbe in small intestine and appendix during the process of making coffee. Well, these three proofs are the example that luwak coffee can be produced although without using luwak. In conclusion, there are several ways to make luwak coffee without having to include the assistance of the luwak itself. For me, the best kopi luwak is still Wild Kopi Luwak that were produced from Luwak animal itself.