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Roasted Coffee Bean – 100% Wild Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is known well as the most expensive coffee in the world. The coffee luwak is also called as the civet coffee, because it is actually produced by civet, one of the wild unique animals which live freely in some region of Indonesia. The coffee beans which is eaten by the civet is always the sweetest and also the ripest coffee beans, it makes the coffee been produced by the civet always come in great taste.

roasted bean kopi luwak

This is not wondering when knowing about the prices of the wild kopi luwak. The price of this fine coffee actually seems very expensive compared with the regular coffee which always comes in medium prices. But the high prices of the kopi luwak will be worth it with the result.

The high price of the kopi luwak is not only happening to certain country, in the entire of the world the price of the kopi luwak is really different. The price is really expensive, the standard price for one kilogram of kopi luwak is about $ 1,200, such high prices for the little thing like coffee. In Indonesia, Wild kopi luwak price is not that expensive, we can get authentic kopi luwak just for $200-$500 per kilogram.

Things which make the prices is in high price is various. One of them because of the main ingredient of the kopi luwak is starting rare to be found. The other things is the processing of making kopi luwak is not a simple processing, it need step by step process, start from the collecting the coffee beans, washing and drying the coffee beans, until the roasting the coffee beans. When it comes in roasting coffee beans, the coffee beans must be roasted well; it is done to get the great coffee beans in high quality.