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A Cup of Luwak Coffee as Your Best Partner

Well, Indonesia for a long time has been known as the one of the biggest countries over the world which has many natural resources, let`s say tea, oil, spices, coffee, and so on. This is the biggest factor that makes colonizers come to Indonesia such as England, Portuguese, Netherland, and Japan. On the other hands, Indonesia still has one phenomenon coffee called as luwak coffee. This coffee has been made by using animal that is called as luwak. Actually, there are many joys in a cup of luwak coffee while you drinking it.


The first joys that you can get are taste of spirit. Do you believe that in a cup of luwak coffee there is spirit? In this case, you should try a cup of luwak coffee first, and then for sure you have your own perspective about this coffee. Basically, caffeine in coffee contains of many benefits, one of them is to make you more enthusiast and to give you more energy during the day. It is well matched for people who have a lot of activities during the day. In the morning before going to work or school, you need to make a cup of luwak coffee to maximize your day.

Moreover, when you are going home after passing the most tired day in your life, you need to try drinking a cup of luwak coffee. Many doctors say that caffeine essence could make adenosine work slowly. It means that people who drink luwak coffee are difficult to get tired and fall a sleep because of adenosine which makes people feel tired and fall a sleep is totally stopped by caffeine. That is why luwak coffee is the best choice for your night shift because surely you need a fresh condition to do your office work.

Furthermore, a cup of luwak coffee can give you many advantages especially in health aspects. When you get headache, then you should try to drink luwak coffee it will help you to reduce your pain. Give Luwak coffee to those asthmatics and they will feel more free to breath. Luwak coffee also protects people from cancer, heart disease, and stroke. But you need to remember something that drinking coffee excessively brings the negative effect over your health. You just need drink luwak coffee at least once in a day, it is not very recommended if you drink luwak coffee more than twice in a day.

To say the least, you can choose luwak coffee as your best partner based on its function. When you want to be eager people during the day, you have to drink a cup of luwak coffee before going to work or school. Then, when you feel tired, do not have any idea and need more energy to do your office work, you just need to drink luwak coffee to solve your problem. Then, the last one is luwak coffee is able to cure your illness such as headache and asthma. It also prevents you from cancer, heart disease, and stroke. How incredible it is!

The Unique Taste of Wild Kopi Luwak

If you ever feel the brewed meal, tasted with some aroma into a cup of your coffee, then it means you can imagine how Kopi Luwak will be tasted so unique. You may find some unique, traditional way in processing it. It is about passionate in serving the best cup of coffee on your table. The local people are willing to be the best friendly host to make you come more and more in next trips. The unique taste of Wild Kopi Luwak is one of the ways in attracting the tourist into their home, Indonesia. As all notice that Indonesian are the friendliest people in the world. Helping people and do not hesitate to smile to foreign people also.

wild kopi luwak

Some protein contain in the raw bean before it is digested by luwak make the bean is only become the ordinary bean, but when it has already digested by luwak, protein in those bean come out and make its aroma, especially while the brewing process. This unique taste of wild Kopi Luwak is extraordinary for coffee addict. Espresso, cappuccino, and other coffee taste may make you enjoy but the real wild luwak kopi is unique and cannot be forget. Can you imagine how hard it’s processed now? Can you wonder unique taste from the digested bean of luwak?

When you can imagine the unique taste of wild Kopi Luwak you should try to taste by your own. There are many places all around Indonesia regard themselves as the original producers of wild kopi luwak. We are JPW Coffee is one of the trusted Kopi Luwak Company from Indonesia.  The original taste served in some modern and old ways, aiming is all for your please while enjoying some excitement in Indonesia. The unique taste of wild Kopi Luwak is served only by the original producer one.