The Fact of Luwak Coffee Process

For you coffee lovers certainly have heard the name of Luwak coffee. One type of coffee which in recent years arose because the taste is so unique, delicious, and the price for one was capable of reaching hundreds of thousands per cup. For those of you who have never felt the luwak coffee is surely very curious how a cup of coffee could be as expensive as it is, and for those who never feel it, would also wondering, how could the luwak coffee can be quite as enjoyable as it is. In the Luwak coffee process does use some special way that produces a distinctive and delicious flavor. The following article will explain how Luwak coffee is processed.


The first thing in the Luwak coffee process is by collecting coffee beans from civet feces by using the scratch, once a day. Once all of it is collected, the next process is drying the feces, in other words, it is called tempering. In this process the water content that is in a mixture of feces and coffee beans is decreased until it reaches the level of 16%. Usually in this process using a “tampah bamboo” to produce a completely dry ingredient, thus can produce a perfect result. This process will be performed approximately 2 to 7 days. This process needs a complete precision, because if there is a little error on this process, the process should be repeated once more from beginning.

The next process in the Luwak coffee process is to clean the civet’s feces from coffee beans by rinsing with clean water continuously. Then the next process is almost identical to the first process, the reduction of moisture content, this stage takes approximately 3 to 7 days. Furthermore, the coffee beans skin is peeled by using a traditional tool which is used to rub the skin overall, and after that coffee beans are dried. Once again the coffee beans go through a drying process, this process is completed by reducing the moisture content up to 13% and then the coffee beans are sorted, and it will be cleaned from dust, soil, etc.

The Luwak coffee is absolutely one of the first class coffee beans, because to produce a gram of this coffee, the luwak coffee process is difficult and complicated. The last process is a packing process, Luwak coffee is packed by using an airtight package to keep it in a good condition. Luwak coffee needs to be put in a room with good air circulation, has an ideal temperature ranges between 10 to 28 degrees, and can be stored at 6 months maximum.

With such Luwak coffee process, the coffee has become a high-quality coffee. Through a unique and complicated process that luwak coffee could become a very delicious coffee and expensive. Not wrong if many people who seek it and are willing to spend a lot of money just to taste a cup of this coffee. In addition to the unique and delicious taste, luwak coffee also known of the capability to repair damaged cells in our body, and gives more stamina for those who often feel weak. To learn more about the advantages of consuming luwak coffee, you can do your own research by reading some articles.