Wild Kopi Luwak, True Coffee Flavor of Indonesia

Luwak Coffee or civet coffee comes from Indonesia. It is a coffee processed from the palm civet feces and then to be processed further to produce roasted luwak coffee beans. There are some places in Indonesia produce coffee luwak such as Java, Sumatra, Bali, etc. Many people try to start up this business because of the coffee drinking habit trend in Indonesia. Luwak coffee has been known since Dutch colonial era and the price of coffee bean was very high back that time.

wild kopi luwak

What makes coffee luwak different is that the fermentation process in the civet digestion system. Indonesian luwak coffee has unique taste with blends of sweet, sour and bitter feels on our mouths. In Indonesia, there are two types of luwak coffee which are from wild civet and caged civet. Many people find that wild coffee luwak tastes better and have strong aroma.

Civets eat much kind of fruits and coffee beans as only for the dessert as we are humans. Wild coffee luwak produced by wild civet has more unique taste and aroma because of the natural process of civets where they live wild in the forest, eating various fruits and pick the best coffee bean. Caged civets are usually fed only by coffee bean and they may lack in nutrients. Besides that, the conditions of the cage and environment makes civets unhealthy thus produce low quality of luwak coffee.

Indonesia has many variations of coffee beans. The geographic condition of Indonesia is very suitable for coffee. Most coffees are planted in the volcanic lands which are very fertile. Besides that, civets are also found in the area where there are many coffee plants planted.  Indonesian Wild Kopi Luwak has exported worldwide. Many people enjoyed drinking this exclusive and unique coffee. Many foreigners come to Indonesia to this original Wild Kopi Luwak.