Wild Kopi Luwak, the World’s Most Expensive Gourmet Coffee

Luwak coffee is the most expensive price of coffee in the world. Many people all over the word have known the popularity of this coffee. Civet is a mammal enthusiast for fruits which are still a family with raccoons or squirrels (Java). Civet is also fond of coffee grown by coffee farmers. The mongoose has natural properties in their digestive system. They only want to eat the coffee s which is really ripe. But not all parts of the coffee are digested. The coffee beans and seeds are secreted in the form of feces with a complete whole form.

wild kopi luwakWild Kopi Luwak only has small production output because of the natural process. The civets are not caged but they live in the forest wildly. Regular coffee farmers can produce tons of coffee for sale luwak coffee only produces no more than 50 grams of coffee beans per day that can be taken or found.

The limited quantity of wild luwak coffee makes it very expensive. Luwak coffee takes a long time to produce it. From Repeatedly washing process , the process of destruction/skin breakdown to coffee beans , the process of drying for several days to reach the expected moisture content of the beans, sorting process that takes a long time as well, etc.

A civet natural property which is a special enzyme for the fermentation process makes wild luwak coffee is the best coffee in the world. For many people, wild luwak coffee is something unusual and unique. Coffee lovers know how to appreciate a cup of coffee that they drink every day. This is very understandable why luwak coffee is the most prestigious, exclusive and expensive coffee in the world. Wild Kopi Luwak is seen as a blend of tasteful coffee and unique process of production.